Demo '11

by Olde Tigers

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released February 14, 2011



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Olde Tigers York, Pennsylvania

Loud, fast, riffy, hardcore/punk of the headbanging variety.

East Bay punk meets East Coast hardcore.


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Track Name: Wyld Times Gone Bad
I still go to shows where the kids are having fun
maybe I’m wasting my time
but now I’m the outcast, I clearly don’t belong
maybe I have nothing left
my age is creeping up, time has taken its toll
maybe I should just move on
but I still wanna be up front and singing along

I’m not on the inside, but I’m looking out
I’m trapped in a state of discontent
where I don’t really know what’s important to me
and wondering where the good times went

I’m trying to stay true to my beliefs
I don’t feel like I belong here
but it gets harder and harder every day
I definitely don’t belong out there
I compromise more than I’d like to admit
I don’t feel like I belong here
Everyday battles keep getting in the way
I definitely don’t belong out there
Track Name: Hey Vern, It's My Family Album
In disbelief at all I’ve heard
About your actions and your words
No wonder those kids are terrified of you

Is your head unstable?
I don't know how you'd be able
To raise your hand to your own flesh and blood

A couple lost kids in need of help
Don’t have any respect for themselves
Your verbal abuse is worse than your fist

Domestic tragedy
Events so sad to see
Scars you can't erase
There's no saving face

You have these kids hopped up on meds
To deal with the problems in their heads
But every one of them begins with you

It’s the kind of thing you'd see on TV
But now it’s happening so close to me
Can’t believe the shit these kids have been through

Domestic tragedy
Events so sad to see
Scars you can't erase
Destroying the lives you helped to create
Track Name: Future Death Race 4
You think that you’ve got it All so bad
but you have no one to blame But yourself
you have friends that would do Anything for you
but you turn your back when They try to help

you keep on running, you keep on running, you keep on running, yeah
you gotta get away, you just can’t face yourself

you seek advice but you Just never listen
you just keep making The same mistakes
you make bad decisions Again and again
when you’re called out you Run away

you gotta get away, you just can’t face yourself

you can’t keep running from your problems
Track Name: Tigers Blood
Always talking about how great it used to be
and all the amazing things that you used to see
better bands, better shows, is all you say
I’m so fucking sick of yesterday

Where is the passion that you had found
you’re so lost and you’re so empty now
you’ve become everything that you hate
as all your convictions have faded away

you keep reminiscing about back in the day
your jaded views they’re all so cliche
looking back, looking back, but you never turn around
I won’t let you drag me down

your mouth is still running as you’re fading away
you’re becoming another one of your memories
one less kid, at the show, is all that I see
I want no part of your misery

and now that you’re gone, I just gotta ask, I wanna know
is that all you’ve got?